Configuring Your MaskUp Car Clips

MaskUp car storage solutions were designed to hold masks on car visors of many shapes and sizes. 

Wide visors in trucks like the Ford-150 are ideal for the 4-clip design of the MaskUp Car Kit. The combination of the mount and the stretch enable a disposable mask to barely touch the roof or the visor. Beautiful.

The Tesla visor is wide and thin, with a height of only 11cm. Moving the clips around to the long end gives a great stretch to cloth masks. 

Some cars have shade extenders, extra lights and finicky locations for the mirror. The good news is that the patent pending, 4 clip design of the MaskUp car storage solution will allow you to space the clips out to accommodate the variance in car visor design. The image shows the full customization of the car clips to ensure that the mirror and shade extender are free of the clips.  

The clips themselves are 4 cm in length, 1.75 cm wide, and have a height of 1.8 cm. 

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