Put Your Mask Up in 5 Easy Steps

Putting your mask up on your MaskUp Car Clips is quick and easy.  The following 5 steps are all you need to safely stash your mask.  
  1. Sit in your front car seat and flip down the car visor.  
  2. The first time, put the clips on the 4 different corners of your car visor.
  3. Use both hands to remove the face mask ear loops from your ears.
This is really important. Removing using the ear loops means that you aren't touching the potentially contaminated front of the mask. 
4.  Extend your arms up towards the visor, spread your fingers, and place the ear loops onto the MaskUp Car Clips. Boom!
5.  Close the visor and off you go! 
Some things to think about.
  • It is recommended that the outside of the face mask be placed on the visor. By moving the mask directly from your face to the mask mount, you are limiting the amount you touch the mask.  
  • Maybe you like the other direction.  That works too - just make sure to commit to placing the contaminated surface on the same place. 
  • Stacking worn face masks is not recommended.  
  • Public health organizations don't recommend mask re-use. Please check with your public health group to see what the experts say on the safe handling and storage of masks.  
  • The intended use of the in car mask holders is to use them while you are in the car!  When you have finished your errands, make sure you take the mask inside to wash or dispose of. 

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