Frequently Asked Questions

What type of face masks do you support?  

  • MaskUp Car Clips were designed to hold face masks with ear loops. This applies to both surgical / disposable masks, and cloth masks. 

Where are you shipping to?

  • Currently we are shipping within Canada and Continental United States. If you are outside these areas, please contact us and we can sort out shipping rates. 
  • Unfortunately mail delivery is taking longer during these difficult times. MaskUp commits to getting your order into the mail within one to two business days. 

What size visor will the in car mask holder fit?

  • The car mask holder has been tested on visors with the following dimensions:
    • Length - 36 cm to 46 cm (14 in-18 in)
    • Height -  12 cm to 21 cm (5 in to 8 in) 
    • Width - 2 cm (0.8 in)
    • The larger visors tend to get the best stretch

What are the MaskUp Car Clip dimensions? 

  • Length 4 cm (1.6 in)
  • Max width 1.75 cm (0.70 in)
  • Max height 1.80 cm (0.71 in)

Are the MaskUp Car Clips available in other colors?

  • The clips are currently available in black, white and gray. Other colors will be created based on demand. Each set comes with four clips.  

What type of car visors do you support?

  • As a general rule, the MaskUp Car Clips will work on almost all car visors if you move the clips around.  Car visors with add-on parts, like an extension, or curved visors can be a challenge. Please have a look at the sizes provided in the FAQ to determine if the clips will fit your visor.    

    What kind of free shipping do you offer? 

    • We are able to offer free shipping for all orders over $60 CAD shipped within Canada, and over $70 CAD shipped within the continental United States.  

      Can I still use my car mirror? 

      • With a length of 4 cm, most car mirrors are not covered by the car mask holder clips, and can be accessed when the mask isn't on the clips. If it does happen to cover the mirror when horizontal, you can move the clip into the vertical position.
      • When the mask is on the MaskUp Car Clips it will cover the mirror. Customers can choose to put their car clips on the windshield side of the visor if they would like to completely free up the mirror.  

      Can I buy from other online stores?

      • Yes!  MaskUp Car Visor Clips are available on Amazon

      Are you interested in wholesale agreements? 

      • We are!  Please send us a note at for more information.  

      How can I share feedback?

      • We would love to hear from you!  What else would you like us to make?  Color suggestion?  Please send feedback to